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TPAD Model 1000 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier


• All-tube signal path with novel circuit architecture and precise RIAA phono equalization
• High-quality USA-made PC boards, chassis, and custom power transformer
• Premium 6922 tubes selected for low noise & microphonics
• Internationally-compatible 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• 34 dB gain at 1kHz; suitable for moving-magnet and high-output MC cartridges
• Approx. dimensions: 12" x 8" x 3", shipping weight 12 lbs.

Read Dick Olsher's review in the latest issue of The Absolute Sound!

"A key performance aspect that endeared this phonostage to me was its ability to extract plenty of passion from vinyl...it strikes me as a significant accomplishment at what is a bargain-basement price in the audiophile arena. The TPAD 1000 gets my vote for budget phonostage of the year." Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound, Issue 280

About TPAD

I started Tritschler Precision Audio Devices in 2003 to commercialize my proprietary phono preamp design, which started as a capstone project in college and developed into the published version that has been enjoyed by high-end DIY audiophiles all over the world. Read the articles here and here. The TPAD Model 1000 was specifically designed to be an affordable version of the original design with the highest-possible performance. My Model 1000 customers include audiophiles, musicians, and professional recording engineers.

Warranty: one year, parts and labor except tubes.

Return Policy: seven days, full refund less shipping.


Crazy Joe
"The Doctor Is IN!" © 2013

"I've never been so floored by 'analog warmth'...go, vacuum tubes and hand-built equipment! This album is a blast, and how often do you get to hear newly created, audiophile rockabilly?" Stephen Estep, The Absolute Sound, Issue 235

Limited-Edition "Super-180" LP $34.99
Premium 180-gram super-audiophile special!
Small batch made from a fresh stamper set!
FREE Hi-Res 24-bit/88.2kHz download included!

Standard LP $19.99
100% analog recording & mastering!
150-gram pressing w/ deluxe gatefold jacket!
Comes with FREE mp3 download!

CD $14.99

15 in/s IEC1 from original first-generation masters!

Click on a song to hear
a 60-second sample!

She's My Baby
(You're An) H-Bomb
Right There In My Lap
Workin' and Searchin'

Dr. "Crazy Joe" Tritschler
"Enon Beach" © 2016

45-RPM Vinyl Single $4.99


Click on a song to hear
a 45-second sample!

Enon Beach Pt. 1: Surf's Up
Enon Beach Pt. 2: Alien Attack
Next Time

Crazy Joe and his Mad River Outlaws
"The King of Nerdabilly" © 2007

CD $14.99

Click on a song to hear
a 60-second sample!

Wise To The Ways Of A Woman
Smack Dab In The Middle
Nothing Can Change This Love
Pants On Fire 2007
You Never Cared For Me
Flight Of The Beverly Bumblebillies

Crazy Joe and the Mad River Outlaws
"Sweatin' Bullets Over You" EP © 2006

CD EP (5 SONGS) $5.99

Click on a song to hear
a 60-second sample!

Mary Ann
Yak Yak Yak

Crazy Joe and the Mad River Outlaws
"Chopped, Slammed, and Twangin'" © 2004

CD $14.99

Click on a song to hear
a 60-second sample!

Chopped, Slammed, & Twangin'
Springfield Special
I Was Drunk Last Night
Tuesday Night

Yer Average Joe
"Shut Up and Get In The Caddy!" © 1999

CD $7.99

Click on a song to hear
a 60-second sample!

Top of the World
I'm Gonna Blow Up Your Car
Joined At The Funk (Part III)
Gimme Back My Ship, Sucka
White Castle

Crazy Joe "The Doctor Is IN!" t-shirt! All sizes in stock!



Vintage Mad River Outlaws "Skull" t-shirt! All sizes in stock!